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About Us

It's a pleasure to meet you

About: Team Members

Patrick Givelekian

I have lived in MH since 2009 and have a 7 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter. I'm an attorney and CPA with non-profit experience and have served as President/Treasurer on several boards. 

I am eager to put together a strong board to address the needed infrastructure improvements and financing concerns, looking at additional monetization strategies, evaluating extended pool hours to gain homeowner usage/participation, and create a sense of community through an online/social media presence and events. 

Jennifer Gumpert

Hi there! I moved to Monmouth Heights in 2019 - it was the neighborhood I wanted to be a part of and I waited for the right house to come on the market so I could move in and raise my daughter here. 

Professionally I am a VP of Business Development and Operations for a NY-based company - a role that requires a great deal of long-term strategic development, negotiations of contracts, relationship building and a working knowledge of day-to-day financials.

I am eager to build an organization that is dutifully transparent to every neighbor and commit myself to providing every member of our community with a level-headed approach to problem-solving.

Anyone who knows me would describe me as thorough, centered, and not one to act emotionally.  I believe in careful examination of all perspectives, weighing risk carefully but operating from a place of information rather than fear.


Who We Are

It's a pleasure to meet you

We're the four Monmouth Heights Residents who expressed interest in being immediately sat on the current MHCA Board. 

Despite our varied attempts via face-to-face meetings, emails, phone calls and text messages to obtain clear, detailed information about the MHCA operations, finances, Bylaws and other key information necessary to responsible onboarding, we've been met with resistance, delays, and negative commentary.

It is our sincere belief that every homeowner has the right to information.  To transparent communication.  To open dialogue. To financial transparency.  To be a part of the conversation, no matter how difficult. 

The outcome of this vote is not our issue - the manor in which its being conducted is not acceptable to us. 

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