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As more information is made available, we will post FAQs here.

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Ask Away...

Are you current Board Members?

No.  The current MHCA Board has acknowledged our interest in Board service but has not held a meeting to formally accept us "on the record".  This means we are not privvy to Board discussions, conversations with or recommendations from the MHCA lawyer, or anything formally related to the Board or decision making.  We have no vote.

Did you participate in the discussion leading up to the current voting options?

No. We met with the Board at an informal meeting at the Pool Club to review the current state of affairs.  At that time, we acknowledged that the dues did not raise at the same rate of inflation since the Pool's inception.  We are not formally acknowledged Board Members, so we are not voting members of the Board.  The options put to homeowners were decided by the Current MHCA Board.

While the four of us participated in the drafting of a letter to MHCA's legal counsel, the conversation stalled.  Without our knowledge, and without discussion with the Current Board, the letter we drafted was used to build the current proposal.  The Current Board never indicated they were going to proceed with using this draft.

What can I do to help?

Suspend the vote. 

Tell your neighbors not to vote. 

Send an email to with a CC to telling them you want a community meeting ASAP.

Join the facebook group: "Monmouth Heights Swim Club Members".

Is this vote legal?

We're not sure and are working to verify this. The vote does not match our Declarations or Bylaws in terms of notice or procedure.  The options, as listed are not valid or have since been undermined or disputed meaning that both options require adjustment in language to clarify their outcome for voters. 

While we're big fans of email and online forms, we question their validity for a vote of this nature.  Moreover, many homeowners feel that the result of the vote should be open for review and/or confirmed by a 3rd party, particularly given the extremely sensitive nature of the subject.

Whether illegal, invalid or incomplete, this vote needs to be suspended, reorganized and re-presented to the homeowners in a manor aligned with our community documents.

Can I rescind my vote?

We're not sure.  It can't hurt to send an email to to request that your vote not be counted.  You can cc

How can we legally compel the Board to seat the new Board?

We are working on evaluating the legal procedures for this.

How do we remove this Board?

We are working on evaluating the legal procedures for this.

Why are all correspondences, meetings, etc. voiced by one member of the Board? Where are the other two?

We are not sure.  Any correspondences held with the Board have been responded to by the Treasurer rather than to whom the correspondence was addressed to: The President.  

The President and Vice President WERE in attendance at an informal meeting held at the pool in late July, but have not engaged since that time.

I have requested information from the Board but never got a response.  What do I do?

Please forward your original email to  If you DO get a response, please forward that, too.

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