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Governing Documents

Certificate of Incorporate, Declarations and Bylaws

The Certificate of Incorporation is the first, formal recognition of the formation of an entity and outlines the purpose of the entity and guiding principals/purpose of the organization.  For our purposes, an entity known as the Monmouth Heights Community Association was formed as a Non-Profit on June 16, 1967.  You can view our Certificate of Incorporation here.

For a community association, the Declarations are the single most important document. In short, the Declarations define the properties, rights and owners involved in the Association, defines the property and boundaries of our community, qualifies which properties within Monmouth Heights are tied to the Association,  who has voting rights and what the Annual Assessments will cost. 

The Declarations for Monmouth Heights Communication Association (MHCA), including any supplements/amendments can be found here.  

The Bylaws are the documents of an Association that outline the rules and procedures of how the business of the Association will be run.  Where the Declarations define what the Association is, the Bylaws outline how the Association will run.

The Bylaws for MHCA can be found here

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