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For the Safety and Enjoyment of All Families

Pool Rules


Last updated: May 2022

These rules and regulations are intended to supplement the Declaration of Covenants, Restrictions, Easements, Charges and Liens, recorded in the Office of the Monmouth County Clerk on January 4, 1967, at Book 3504, Page 100, et seq., and any and all amendments and/or supplements subsequently recorded (the “Declaration”).

The following Rules and Regulations have been updated for the protection and benefit of all Members which is defined as Homeowners, Sponsored Families, and their Guests. These Rules have been established to assure safe and sanitary operation of the Pool Club’s facilities. Homeowners, Sponsored Families and their Guests (“Members”) are reminded to caution those with respect to which they have responsibility to observe all rules and obey instructions of the MHCA Board, Pool Management and Snack Bard Operator(s).  

Any failure to comply with these Rules may be considered sufficient cause for, among other things, immediate suspension of pool privileges for the offending member and can be considered sufficient cause for removal from Premises. If such is the case, certain costs and/or Fees may be imposed on the Homeowners or Sponsored Family. In any situation where safety is a factor, the Board and/ or Pool Manager(s) decision will prevail.


1. All Homeowners, Guests & Members using any of the Club facilities are doing so at their own risk. The MHCA will not be responsible for accidents or injuries in connection with such use.

2. No soliciting of funds shall be made by members on the Club grounds without prior approval of the MHCA Board.

3. The MHCA will not be responsible for any and all loss or damage to personal property of members and/or guests.

4. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

5. No pets are permitted on the premises.

6. Bulletin board for notices, announcements, rule changes and upcoming events must be approved by the MHCA Board and can be found on the MHCA website (

7. All complaints must be made in writing, signed by the Homeowners/Member and mailed to the MHCA, PO Box 808, Manalapan, NJ 07726.


8. No illegal and/or inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to, water guns, chicken fights, excessive rough play, amplified noise, profane language, spitting, verbal or physical harassment, hazing, bullying, etc., is permitted. Such actions will result in the person(s) removal from the Pool club.

9. No running, hanging on ropes and/or jumping, climbing on fences and on trees is permitted.

10. No smoking or vaping is permitted inside the pool enclosure. A designated area has been established on the walkway by the parking lot as one enters the swimming area. Waste must be disposed of accordingly in the designated smoking bin.

11. Food and drinks are permissible. However, all food and drinks must be consumed and kept to your immediate seating area or at the designated tables by the snack bar only and you are responsible for cleaning up. Food and/or drinks are not permitted while in the pool or on the coping by the pool and/or Kiddie Pool.  Out of respect and support for our onsite concession vendor, delivery from outside food vendors is not permitted during Concession operating hours.

12. No glass containers are permitted.

13. Garbage and recyclable materials should be disposed of in their proper containers.

14. All lounging, seating areas and tables shall be kept clean.

15. Reserving of lounges, chairs and/or tables is not permitted.

16. If you move pool furniture, you must return it to its original location upon leaving the pool.

17. Every person who should be monitored while using pool or pool areas, such as children under the age of 14 and possible incontinent persons, must be supervised by a caregiver sufficient to address any concerns and/or ensure everyone’s safety at all times, including while in the playground. All persons in the playground and basketball area must wear appropriate footwear.


18. Parking is in designated areas only. Vehicles are not permitted to be parked along the perimeter of the property. Operate your vehicle with caution while on the MHCA grounds. The MHCA will not be responsible for any and all damage that may result.


19. The pool typically opens beginning Memorial Day weekend and each weekend thereafter until the end of the elementary school year. Thereafter, on or about, the last week of June of each year thru Labor Day weekend of each year the pool will remain open. The last day of the pool season will be the Monday in September; which is defined as Labor Day of each year. 

Hours of operation are subject to weather permitting at the discretion of the Pool Manager on duty and the MHCA Board of Trustees (“the Board”). Pool hours may be extended for special events, exceptional attendance or holidays at the discretion of the Pool Manager(s) and the Board.


20. All Homeowners, guest members and/or guests of Homeowners and/or guest members are eligible for use of the pool. All Homeowners and/or sponsored members are responsible for the actions of and/or violations of these Rules and Regulations and/or of the Declaration by their guests.

21. The Pool Manager(s) on site shall have the authority regarding access, water temperature, behavior, actions, violations, pool capacity and/or weather closures; with the MHCA Board of Trustees having the final authority.

22. No one with an open wound is permitted in the pool.

23. All person(s) must shower before entering the pool.

24. Any incontinent person or child who is not yet potty trained must utilize Swim diapers in our pools.

25. Swimming suits are the appropriate attire. Denim shorts are not permitted in the pool.

26. Lap swimmers are only permitted in lap lane.

27. The use of flippers, goggles and/or diving rings are permitted at the Board’s and/or the Pool Manager(s) discretion.

28. One person at a time is only permitted on the diving board. Anyone waiting to use the diving board must stand by the dive steps; not on them. The next diver may ascend onto the diving board once the prior diver is out of the diving area of the pool.

29. Any person in need of a flotation vest must be accompanied, in the pool, by their caregiver sufficient to address any concerns and/or ensure safety. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved, with tags attached, flotation devices will be permitted in the shallow end of the pool. Anyone wearing a floatation device is strictly prohibited from being in the deep end of the pool which is defined as the area of water where the diving board is located.

30. All Members entering the Main pool must be completely in control of all body functions.

31. Any person who appears to the controlling entity and/or person at the pool at any given time to be unable to safely use the deep water part of the pool may be subjected to a deep water test.

32. Any person fifteen (14) years of age or younger must be accompanied by their parent, guardian and/or responsible caregiver.

33. Lifeguards are not required to be in the Kiddie Pool. With respect to the Kiddie Pool, parents, caregivers, and/or guardians are responsible for each person with respect to which he/she has responsibility.

34. The gate to the Kiddie Pool must remain closed at all times, except when entering and exiting the area.


35. All Members are required to pay the annual assessment by the date specified on the invoice or late fees will be applied. No Exceptions.  Any member with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to utilize the facility until payment and all late fees, interest and penalties have been satisfied.

36. No Household/Sponsored Family is permitted more than SIX (6) guests on a single day. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE. Guests are permitted entry either through use of a guest pass either earned from remitting payment early, or payment is rendered at time of entry. Guest Fees are $10 per adult, which is defined as someone who is 14 years or older. Guest Fees for are $5 for children between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. Any child younger than 2 years old is Free.

37. Conduct of guests and cost of any property damage by guests is the direct responsibility of the Sponsoring member/Homeowner. The cost of any property damage will be charged to the responsible member/Homeowner.

38. A guest may leave and re-enter the Club anytime during the same day with no additional charge if the member is still on the premises. Members must sign-in guests and pay the designated fee for guests which is established by the MHCA Board and can change at the discretion of the MHCA Board.  Guest Fees are noted on the Bulletin Board by the office and on the MHCA website.

The Association’s policies and schedules related to fines is pending and forthcoming soon.

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