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Keys To The New Place

Welcome Realtors

A guide to buying in Monmouth Heights

We look forward to meeting our newest resident! As you support your client through the home selling/buying journey, we wanted to provide you some tips for a successful closure!


Purchasing in Monmouth Heights Manalapan means your buyer is joining the Monmouth Heights Community and is subject to Annual Dues.  These dues support the operation of a Pool Club located at 1 Ryan Road, Manalapan, NJ.  The Association does not govern homeowner property in any way - we exist strictly for the maintenance of our common property: the Pool.  This assessment is due of all homeowners in Monmouth Heights Manalapan, irrespective of whether there is a personal, private pool on the property being bought/sold.

The annual Dues for 2023 were $330.  Each year, the dues raise by $5.00 in accordance with our documents.


The Docs and Bylaws for our community can be found here.  These documents govern how our club operates, annual dues, elections, etc.


The Title Company should email us at to request an Account Statement and should provide the following information to us at that time for each adult residing in the home: 1) Full Name, 2) Personal Email Address 3) Cell phone Number. 

This statement will include information about any open balances currently on the property and collection of any administrative fees owed by the buyer as a one-time assessment to enter the community and contribute to our capital improvements. Open balances must be settled as part of the property transfer.


Once the closing is complete, the title company will send us a record of the transaction along with the fees due at the time of closing (as outlined on the Account Statement we provide).  At that time, we will close the account of the previous homeowner.

On behalf of the Monmouth Heights Board of Trustees, we look forward to working with you!

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